2017 Fly Style!

In few hours, the blessing of seeing another New Year will overwhelm our hearts with wishes! Now, they always say that the way you start isn’t important, but it’s the way you finish. Fellaz, unfortunately, it should not happen this year. Let go of 2016 with a great sense of style and with caring for … More 2017 Fly Style!

Men in love

Every man falls in love at least once in their life, and unfortunately, it’s not like a woman but with sports. Why do I feel that you were waiting for a whole article on men in relationships? I will be focusing on American football more than the other sports not because they are never important especially … More Men in love

Decompress and shop!

When it comes to shopping, obviously, many possibilities arise. You can shop online, at the mall, have a personal shopper either someone close to you that you definitely trust to come back with impressive pieces. Don’t get me wrong some of the Fellaz love to go to stores and buy, but unfortunately, you add up the … More Decompress and shop!

Summer is almost over! For Ladies or Gentlemen?

Where to Go? Terraces, the best place to be on a sunny day! It’s being able to enjoy life through your good and bad times. It helps to relish a drink, delicious food, enjoyable music and magnificent individuals. In reality, a terrace needs a sick DJ skilled, will inspire every gentleman and lady on the terrace to … More Summer is almost over! For Ladies or Gentlemen?

Fashion knowledge!

Any occasion you can participate, free or not, invited or not and bad or no good, just go. Every day, minutes, seconds we learn something new. The 27th of July I enjoyed the opportunity to attend an event which Bollinger was hosting. I started with the first floor where the museum Pointe-à-Callière was presenting Of … More Fashion knowledge!