Fashion knowledge!

Any occasion you can participate, free or not, invited or not and bad or no good, just go. Every day, minutes, seconds we learn something new. The 27th of July I enjoyed the opportunity to attend an event which Bollinger was hosting. I started with the first floor where the museum Pointe-à-Callière was presenting Of Horses and Men by Émile Hermès. That exhibition was able to describe the private collection made in Paris, in homage of the horses.


After my tour, they required our presences on the roof of the gallery, where the cocktail was well executed. The purpose of it was to become aware of the champagne Bollinger. In James Bond film we can often see the appearance of it when he consumes it. To associate with 007, at my entrance the guests received bow ties to wear. Tasting the champagne made our palates adore it.


bollinger bow tie


Why not try it for yourself next celebration and let me know how it went!


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