Mentally and physically not breathing.

Your mind, your body, and your soul demand mutually to stay alive. Often, external factors come to shake you up plus overwhelm you. It is a necessity to take a moment and breathe.

Breathing is a must for your mental health that needs to think right, your body that requires the oxygen for a great function, and your soul as you connect with your genuine identity.

Focusing on mental health will be sufficient since it relates to the well-being of how you behave, think and feel. The Month of May regards the mental health awareness month. However, there should not be a specific time to concentrate on mental health; it shall be an everyday conversation. Mental health influences daily physical health, living and relationships; we should be more vigilant concerning it.

Let’s get briefly into the current events that are moving us consciously and unintentionally. 

First, the quarantine had a lot of individuals thinking about their status, their lives and their identity. Most of the people found it hard following the restrictions to gather, to go to the gym, to eat at the restaurant and to do any other social activities. There were not many people that took the time to work on their characters, to acquire new knowledge, and to make the quarantine time worthed. Many souls were having a hard time because they had to face the issues that usually they would have escaped.

On the other hand, a current situation that has brought a lot of confusion, frustrations and grief to all of us is the death of many black men and women. Those stories are affecting any human that is earing or witnessing those men passing away because of a lack of humanity. Unfortunately, several of us will be having a hard time processing those images since injustice actions caused it.

The definition of police is clear when reading it, ”1a: the department of government concerned primarily with maintenance of public order, safety, and health and enforcement of laws and possessing executive, judicial, and legislative powers

b: the department of government charged with prevention, detection, and prosecution of public nuisances and crimes.” however, when it comes to how they are using their dominant position to murder afro American people, that is revolting.

In memory of

George Floyd
Breonna Taylor
Ahmaud Arbery
Stephon Clarke
Alton Sterling
Terence Crutcher
Philando Castile
Walter Scott
Christian Taylor
Michael Brown
Trayvon Martin
Dontre Hamilton
Eric Garner
John Crawford III
Michael Brown Jr
Samuel Dubose
Sandra Bland
Ezell Ford
Dante Parker
Tanisha Anderson
Akai Gurley
Tamir Rice
Rumain Brisbon
Laquan McDonald
Jeraime Read
Tony Robinson
Phillip White
Eric Harris

They all should be breathing right now.

Take a breath; learn to be grateful for the fact that you are still breathing, and no one is taking it away from you due to not liking your skin colour.

Recognize that breathing is the most reliable way to make it through, although if you can’t breathe, it will stop the oxygen from going through your blood and from keeping you living.

I can’t breathe!

I’m trying to breathe!

It hurts!

My heart!

My neck!

My stomach!

Everything hurts!

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