The internet and the fashion industry are consistently reminding us of the ’90s. Without disappointment, we enjoy reminiscing and living all the way through that era, considering that the nineties were the finest.
Although we are enjoying the 90’s memories through trendy parties, fashion and memes, The Farsides decided to bring it at another level and to pimp the restaurant into that period of history, the 90s, and to create a hype.
You must be questioning what and where is The Farsides. It is a Thaiwaiin restaurant in the heart of the old Montreal.

John Edward Gumbley is the mastermind behind that fresh concept where you fall in love with interior design, the music, the food and the cocktails.


Ultimately, if you looking for a relaxed vibe and to revive the 90s urban pop culture that you used to experience, you will dig it.

The Farsides

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