Summer is almost over! For Ladies or Gentlemen?


Where to Go?
Terraces, the best place to be on a sunny day! It’s being able to enjoy life through your good and bad times. It helps to relish a drink, delicious food, enjoyable music and magnificent individuals. In reality, a terrace needs a sick DJ skilled, will inspire every gentleman and lady on the terrace to feel alive across each song. I don’t believe in unpleasant terraces given that several attractive people conditioned to networking, including having a nice time.


Many have the opinion that it’s a Lady thing and Cigar, as well as cognac lounges, are for Fellaz! Truthfully, it won’t hurt your manhood to luxuriate an excellent whiskey, stronger alcohol or why not a cocktail because you don’t feel spirituous.
Cherish the last days of the summer by breathing some fresh air, enjoy the sun and mingle no matter your social status.

The new trend, day party, makes people feel at ease in few countries and I’m wondering why people love it so much. To plan a terrific day party, make sure it’s on a rooftop bar. These parties start around 3 pm and finish late-night on the weekend.rooftop-bars_10


No matter where you are, share your best terrace moment or simply the one you will suggest!

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