2017 Fly Style!

In few hours, the blessing of seeing another New Year will overwhelm our hearts with wishes! Now, they always say that the way you start isn’t important, but it’s the way you finish. Fellaz, unfortunately, it should not happen this year. Let go of 2016 with a great sense of style and with caring for yourself, mentally, physically, spiritually, financially also by maintaining a neat appearance as well as it should continue in 2017.


Mental attraction acquires some knowledge, do not be scared to ask questions and research to obtain your answers. We’re all intelligent since we all have our meaning of someone smart. In addition to that, remember at all time; “The mind is the battleground.” Which means you have to fight your insecurities or your issues in your thoughts.


Feeling concern for your physic’s the best if you don’t exaggerate the process or to make it with the intention of impressing whomever. You want, and need look healthy only for your own good. Pay particular attention to what you are eating or drinking without forgetting your annual visit at the doctor.


We, most likely, all believe in something greater than us that can help each one of us to go through your daily dilemma. Having faith and hoping for something better gives a driven to each of your lives.


Get your debt away, start saving and have a budget. Finances attract so many problems if you let it dominate your life, instead of you controlling it.


Love, respect and cherish the moments with your family, wife, and friends. Fellaz being in a relationship, after having all the above set at the right place, will surely make you want to share your heart with the woman that will complete you. Nevertheless, in different cases, you are slowly putting yourself together, and the beautiful queen presents to you, go ahead and open up, because she’ll motivate you, support you and help you.


Given that other aspects of your life have been working on, you won’t have difficulties style-wise, it will come easier and faster. However, do not forget stylists and image consultants are there to bring you to the next level. Sometimes, it’s a question of not knowing what to buy or not including the shopping time in your schedule.

Make it your 2017 not because it’s a new year, but because you decided to continue to flourish, to make a better version of you every day!




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