Men in love

Every man falls in love at least once in their life, and unfortunately, it’s not like a woman but with sports. Why do I feel that you were waiting for a whole article on men in relationships?


I will be focusing on American football more than the other sports not because they are never important especially if the Olympics just wrapped up not too long ago. Around, I have most of the time dealing with a dad questioning football, a brother who played and coach it, nephews or friends, who compete. For that reason, I put the soccer, basketball aside and focus on that significant sport.

“I always had a philosophy which I got from my father, Coach Big Joe. He used to say, ’Listen God gave you the gift to play football. If you take care of your health, if you are in good shape all the time, with the talent He provided you, no one will stop you, but you must be prepared.” — James Michel


Grew up seeing my relatives fight to play all the games in the season and going to training sessions give me another reason to talk more about it. It was crucial for them, they were able to feel good, do what they love plus releasing stress and anger by tackling. Many of you see it as a full-contact sport which leaves injuries at least once during a game or practice. To a greater extent than brutality, football teaches more than the match itself it communicates skills of a life attitude. Football will definitely render you all the requirements in your reality, in the way that perseverance, endurance, discipline and doing one thing at the time are the imperatives of existence. Furthermore, the teamwork along with playing accompanied by the group of players regularly will bring a strong sense of belonging through the season.

Football has a sexy and fashion way of seeing it that attracts women to watch it and enjoy it. Fellaz in shape wearing tights, stretching, running, tackling and showing off their dancing moves after a touchdown, makes Ladies rouse. I’ve seen Designers offering players, with the best plays and touchdowns, designed suits. On the other hand, the runways brought together a football statement in the company of fierce and strong look models.aleander-mcqueen

Alexander McQueen 2005

A football motivational video will always lift all of us to our most successful point!

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