Decompress and shop!

When it comes to shopping, obviously, many possibilities arise. You can shop online, at the mall, have a personal shopper either someone close to you that you definitely trust to come back with impressive pieces. Don’t get me wrong some of the Fellaz love to go to stores and buy, but unfortunately, you add up the minority.

Mature man holding assorted shopping bags, low section

“I like to shop! But I do it when I need it, buy few things then I am done for a short time! Having a new outfit is always nice!”

Ron Vo

“My husband likes to shop more than me!!!! He shops for the whole family.”

Marie-Josee Desaliers

I have asked in a live video if it was true that Fellaz didn’t like to shop. Amazingly, they openly answered me, their girlfriends and their wives let out their thoughts on the subject. Preferences appear has the keyword of that macro analysis, it doesn’t mean that you’re not stylish that only means you’re experiencing considerable choices.

“I only like to shop when I can afford what I want—something nice.”

Gerry Quammie

“We want to shop but it has to be time efficiently. Exactly! So next time the wife and/or girlfriend wants to shop with her man she needs to have a plan!!!”

Esdras Ernest

“We’re just wired differently… Second… I found shopping for a man way more boring for men compared to women… Just go buy shoes for a man once and u will see the difference… Only four different styles in different colors. Women??!!!! Too many different styles and nuances of similar styles…”

Joshua Chaudry

Why men don’t like to shop?

The question has no good answers, certainly, some gentleman hates to go to a mall and just walk to look what they have in the sale department or to window shopping. Men look for quality and not quantity.

“I actually do all the store. We spend too much money for clothes that we don’t really need. Remember Kanye verse: We’ll buy a lot of clothes but we don’t really need them. The things we buy to cover up what’s inside.”

Cid TheKicks


Shopping Tips

  • Clean Your Wardrobe.
  • Your main needs.
  • In which season are we?
  • Do you want to follow the trend?
  • Are you looking for clothing that you can keep for more than a year?
  • Is it necessary to throw away and not recycle?
  • Why are you shopping?
  • Which store will you go to get what you need?
  • Is it for work? If yes, what’s the dress code?
  • Where you spend a lot of time, work, church, home, gym or nightlife?

If you need more help, either have more questions contact me!

2 thoughts on “Decompress and shop!

  1. Totally guilty !! I call it retail therapy. Helps me get my mind off things and just loose myself in the items I shop and allow my mind to be creative by mix and match. I agree with the guide you suggest us before buying new clothes. I’ll keep your checklist in my phone as a reminder. 🙂 Thank you Soulyne !

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