Right on time

Thank God Invasion cocktail is back to make us have a great time. The 7th edition took place on Sept 09th and will be ending today. It is your last chance to enjoy great cocktails. I know the media have brought a panic atmosphere upon us when it comes to bars; however, they are doing a fantastic job with the sanitary measures.

Yesterday, I had the privilege to go to Made with love school for the Martell Blue Swift workshop. Moreover, it was made possible by Invasion Cocktail. I loved our experiences because, as cognac amateur or lover, we all can say that we’ve learned so much and won’t drink Cognac the same way.

Martell has been creating classic Cognac dating back to 1743. Generally, the tradition of Cognac is to finish in French oak. On the other hand, the Martell ends up in bourbon casks. With that light Cognac, you should expect lovely aromas of sweet honey, vanilla and caramel. Flavours of plum, oak and ginger lead to a full-bodied palate, which finishes lengthy and warm.

Fast fast; download your free passport. There are 200 cocktails and 35 bars and restaurants; to discover more about this Cognac and other cocktails.

I hope you will have the time to enjoy, learn and cheer!


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