In the area of Montreal, there are amazing barbershops with unexpected skills. Nevertheless, Atlr1805 should be the next one on your list to try. March the 4th, their opening was successfully done, and it attracted a lot of curious clients.

Whats differ the Atlr1805 from other barbershop is nonetheless, the merge of the hair salon Achaia Select that Fellaz needs to pass through before they reached the grooming spot. The mix of men and women world brings excellent dynamite and makes it easier when it comes to the family. You can call and schedule your next visit for the kids, wifey and you all under the same roof. Achaia owns, already a beauty bar which offers haircare, makeup also esthetics services to the entire family. However, she had that brilliant idea to suggest a man cave as premium care for the customers.

What do I like about Atlr1805 is their way of treating their clients from the moment they enter the barbershop unto the time they leave it. You will feel at home after a long day of work or if you just need some genuine laugh.

Beneficial to a distinguished service that Sacha, the owner, and the crew will give to you including their facials plus cognac or rum; I proposed that you make an appointment as soon as possible.


Take an appointment, Atelier 1805!

4524, Jean-Talon, Montréal, Qc H1S 1K2

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