Tribute gave us a chance to discover local microdistillery and artisanal products. The exploration is usually done through activities, events, microdistillery tours and pops up bars like bar éphémère situated in Montreal.

The concept of the pop-up bar was to make, for a limited time, cocktails or tasting of the different spirits distilled locally. The event took place the whole month of February and successfully surprised all the amateurs or the experts with their incredible tasting. It was pleasing to meet all the passionate owners that were teaching us concerning their products or telling their stories including their strains!



I Dare you to become aware of your local alcohol where ever you are. Instead of buying only imported ones get to know the ones that are done in your town.

Absintherie des Cantons

Les Subversifs

Les Spiritueux Iberville

Maison Sivo

Domaine Lafrance

Distillerie du St. Laurent

Ungava Gin

White Keys

Distillerie Shefford


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