Lemonade please…


Stylish rain shoes or booties are possible and can be found for any adventurous rainy walk at Lemon Jelly. No more worries about how long you can keep them if they are really waterproof or how they look with your style. You can trustfully purchase any of their products with the assurance that you won’t be disappointed.

Most caoutchouc has a strong smell, and that might be playing in taking your decision to buy them. Lemon Jelly made sure that it was not their issue by putting a scent of lemon on each of their merchandises.

There are so many different styles and colors that you will definitely find something for your taste.


Four specifications to not forget what makes the quality of the brand lemon Jelly:


-Humidity control and temperature stabilization


-Made in Portugal 100% produced, developed and designed

Your feet will thank you later on!

Lemon Jelly Shoes


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