In the area of Montreal, there are amazing barbershops with unexpected skills. Nevertheless, Atlr1805 should be the next one on your list to try. March the 4th, their opening was successfully done, and it attracted a lot of curious clients. Whats differ the Atlr1805 from other barbershop is nonetheless, the merge of the hair salon Achaia … More ATLR1805

The man cave

I bet you often see the spa like a female thing! Mantelier will completely change your mindset. It is located in the old port of Montreal, where locals and tourists can have full access! Having beauty services for man, metrosexual or not is possible.  Barbers and estheticians will be giving you luxurious services, especially Facial treatments. Vintage lovers … More The man cave

2017 Fly Style!

In few hours, the blessing of seeing another New Year will overwhelm our hearts with wishes! Now, they always say that the way you start isn’t important, but it’s the way you finish. Fellaz, unfortunately, it should not happen this year. Let go of 2016 with a great sense of style and with caring for … More 2017 Fly Style!

New skin

Jack Black is the name to keep in mind when it comes to men’s grooming. They’re the best in the skincare world because of their love for natural ingredients and the special attention they give to the dermis. Fellaz are not always known for feeling concern about their epidermis if they do people assume they’re … More New skin

Take care of it!

Statistics show that year after year the sale for men’s skincare products increases of 70 percent. They also developed unisex products that fellaz and their entourage can collectively use, assuming their skin type. Undoubtedly, an improvement in the attention Fellaz provides to their dermis. The Montreal Mann urban salon and spa took as a privilege … More Take care of it!