The man cave

I bet you often see the spa like a female thing!

Mantelier will completely change your mindset. It is located in the old port of Montreal, where locals and tourists can have full access! Having beauty services for man, metrosexual or not is possible.  Barbers and estheticians will be giving you luxurious services, especially Facial treatments.


Vintage lovers or moderns will find their places at the Mantelier and will fall in love with their concept. Often, men need to have a spot to change their minds, besides cigar lounges or alcohol. Either you a business man, a dad at home, a student or a hard worker, you will enjoy a few minutes out of your head. Going to the barber after going to Mantelier will definitely not be the same. See it as a reward, decide when you want to go, if it is every week, two weeks, month,  two months as you wish and feel the necessary.


Their services also the name they give to them are startlingly impressive;

Hair and Shave (color)

Hands and Feet

Facial skin care


If you do not desire to go or can’t go, Bless someone with a gift card!

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