It feels like Hong Kong streets…

Miss Wong is the new Asian restaurant that will make you feel like you are discovering the streets of Hong Kong. If you love having a good vibe and enjoy any great food, Miss Wong should be on top of your list regarding the next restaurant you would like to tackle well accompanied.




What’s cool about that mysterious and delicious Miss Wong restaurant?

The renown chef, Phong Thach, always add his on flavor even if its regular Chinese food, wonton dumplings, baby back ribs or any other. I can exclusively say that it is impressive to have a Chinese-American food concept that brings you to another Chinese universe.

Whether you are going for a 5@7, a date, a gratifying meal or for cocktails, it will be unquestionably worth your curiosity.


There is a heated terrace that you can enjoy any time of the year. If you prefer to stay inside, never be scared not to find a spot, because they can welcome up to 300 people.

You can find, Miss Wong, in the Centropolis, 780 Avenue Pierre- péladeau, Laval, Québec,  H7T 1H8.
You don’t want to miss an epic experience for your taste buds.

Miss Wong Restaurant

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