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Yellow shoes is a Quebecer company that anyone in the family will find an affordable pair that will identify their personalities.

Mr. Yellow, who was a father of ten kids, decided to open a shoe store and his purpose was to accommodate the whole family at a reasonable cost. It became a family oriented business, and it continues to expand all over the Quebec Area. Besides,  Yellow was the only successful shoe retailers in Quebec before any other footwear company known.

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Yellow celebrates more than 100 years, and we can say they are reliable and sturdy to where it started. They continue to make their footwear in Quebec and to respect the ethics.

The 5th of September, Yellow wanted to share their story and the Fall/Winter 2018 collection. The celebration of the launch was in the Patrick Mikhail Gallery, where the Fall/Winter 2018 collection was exposed the same way as artwork.YellowLaunch-JFGALIPEAU2018-008

The retailing doesn’t always provide us with the understanding of where the inspiration comes from and the process of how is it done. It was great to have answers to our questions, exchange and get to know the team behind the Yellow shoe.

A lot of trendy consumers love to have a great style with waterproof footwear that can tough our cold Canadian winters. It was exceptional to see that they considered it.


On a side note, there is only shipping in Canada, exclusively in Quebec the express shipping and return are free.

Don’t wait to pick your favorite footwear and Yellow and I offer you an exclusive 20% that is valid for two weeks on your next purchase. The promo code is: soulyne20

For any additional questions Contact me

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