Mile Public House and Chill

May 2nd, 400 people had the opportunity to celebrate the opening of Mile Public House Laval, under the sound of Dj Abeille. She had us grooving on some great music and set the bar high for all the other DJ that will be mixing at the restaurant.

The best treat of the night was the distinct pop-ups bar that awakens our taste buds.

  1. Make your own mojito bar (spearheaded by Manny Vides Jr.)
  2. Make your own Caesar bar (spearheaded by Manny Vides Jr)
  3. Seafood bar
  4. Porchetta bar
  5. Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Sour bar
  6. Marshmallow roasting over MPH’s gorgeous fire pit

Everyone will undoubtedly experience an exceptional time including having delicious meal and cocktails. Mile Public House makes sure to change their menu and brings new cocktails in Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter. The bi-seasonal switch will always keep the clients curious and eager to attend.

The urban touch of the restaurant will make you crave any reason to have any celebration to appreciate the fantastic vibe.

Mile Public House Laval:

Address: 2565 Boulevard Daniel-Johnson, Laval, QC H7P 5Z6
Phone Number: (450) 681-5544
Hours of Operation: Open 7 days a week from 11:30am to 3:00am

The place you want to eat tasty food and have a drink under the sound of fabulous dj’s!

*launch photos – JF Galipeau

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