Unleash your creativity

Grandpa sweater

Lack of taste

You can only wear it at Christmas


The ugly Christmas sweater comes from the tradition of parents and grandparents giving to their kids or grandkids sweaters that they consider a fashion statement. They also thought that it was a utility and the best gift. That was unquestionable, not the usual fashionable piece in the wardrobe, but it was often worn at family Christmas dinner to show the person who gave it that it was well appreciated.

To be quite honest it became cool and fun to wear an ugly Christmas sweater, mostly if there is a contest of the best one. To get the best ugly sweater, you will need a vintage sweater with or without patterns, also your creativity. This sweater got to have a tacky look, and its time to put all your bad taste in it, even you don’t have one, fake it. The more you add Christmas decorations to it the uglier the sweater.

You Can usually find them at H&M, Urban Outfitters, The Bay, Simons, Forever21, Ardene or Urban Planet.



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