Furry trend

cam newton fur


fur scarfThe type of fur is chosen for its comfort and elegance. But sometimes, the selection is made because of the culture, personality or the kind of fur if can afford. It can be cool to have a lamb, marten, raccoon, coyote, tanuki, chinchilla, lynx, rabbit, ermine, sable, fisher, fox, beaver, opossum and the list goes on, at times. Genuine fur comes from animals, and it upset a lot the animal lovers because of the cruelty towards animals. There is certainly the option of a faux fur can as well resemble the actual fur. It is just a question of preferences given the fact that the fashion industry as so many ways to use synthetic fibers to produce the fake fur identical to the real one.

Fur was often worn with an intention; it was to protect the body from the severe climate, like Inuits in the Arctic or acknowledge by Russia, Japan, and other countries as a tradition.


Fur became a stronger trend in the Fellaz wardrobe, they wear it as an accessory or a jacket! La Maison Eläma found a way to ecodesign fur coat and accessories.




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