Last minute gift ideas.


As it can be a service or a product, choose something that will be necessary. Ideas to give to fellaz or fellaz to your loved ones. Every holiday we have, at least one person around us who didn’t start yet with their gifts shopping or did not finish their list. Hope these Ideas will help and inspire you!

Let me think for you and you just acquire!


Be strategic about where and what should you get, instead of getting ready to give an excuse. Think about the independent entrepreneur, the needs of the receiver, the gift cards.


Giving a gift card because it’s easier to purchase whatever they want, might be cool but you are playing it safe. Personalize the gift by choosing something, you know fellaz can like, they have been thinking to get, or actually have been using. That will show your communication, memory and your listening skills.

Heres my top Ten suggestions;


1. For all the locally made products lovers, you can visit

You will find fun local goods created as result of the community history embracing a touch of cultural trends.

2. Mantelier has a membership card that will give them a 20% on all their services further they have unique, neat gentlemen accessories, grooming products, and gift certificates.

3. Pikolinos designs genuine leather footwear that will not only make your feets feel comfortable nonetheless fit any men style.

4. SAQ, the place to go to find a great bottle of cognac, whiskey, gin, vodka, rum, wine and you name it.

5. OhCheesecake will do all kinds of delicious cheesecake desserts that can exist with or without alcohol. They will make you love cheesecake on another level.

6. La boîte du Chef can be fun for anyone that likes to cook or to eat excellent gastronomy food for a week. If you are vegan or have a preference for Bioproducts, Chef Jérôme might make you addicted to those special feasts!

7. Massenat Massage has no place she can’t go, She will to the comfort of your home to your office! It is a great way to make massage a regular part of your well-being routine.

8 Cigars lovers would love to get high-quality cigars and accessories to add to their collection!

9 Gament Design has a whole other level 3D printed magnetic fashion accessories that can practically go on all kind of wearing.


10 Gift and visa cards!



**Ps: Since I have international followers, it can be inspiring and redirecting you to anything near you, If you need further help don’t be shy to contact me!**






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