It’s a squad thing!

Le Château came out with a genius idea to have a wedding boutique at their head office. But they fast realized that Le Groom Room was a necessary. It is rare that men goes with the girls and choose their dress, but if anything they are close to each other with their own ambiance.GroomRoom1

June is there and pretty sure that a few grooms, grooms party, guys going to their proms or events do not have their suit yet! Why not make it a squad thing and go everyone together? You can choose from pocket accessories, shirts, suit to shoes.


You will not feel a rush or crowded because you have the whole room for you Fellaz!

There’s even a soccer table, You can play while on or two of them are busy with the Stylist.

I do know That every gentleman’s love to be unique, have a personal stylist that have their complete attention.

Go try it for yourself, don’t forget the crew!

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