Let’s go back!

As a man stylist, I love to write, to discover and to mingle because I know they are essentials things to do for all the Fly Souls readers. Most of you regularly inquire about what to do or where to go.

Allow me to share with you about the new spot in the South Shore, Le Golden Dragon. It is a new age Chinese bar with an exquisite menu and atmosphere. Who would have thought that the same place you can have your 5à7, your chilling with the boys you could also come to enjoy with your woman or the family. Compare to any other Chinese restaurants or all-you-can-eat, your experience at Le Golden Dragon, will blow your mind with the aromas, the taste and the presentation of their foods. We are aware of the Chef Jean Michel Leblong, who decided to reveal to us his adventure with the development regarding Chinese food.


It is a great concept that will make you embrace the moment, like any meal including affordable cocktails.




Le Golden dragon

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