Fellaz and their Movember



Man up! Men don’t cry! Stop acting like a lady! We can’t get sick, we are strong! I will not have a chance to go to the doctor! No time!

We often hear that Fellaz does not have emotions and should not have a meltdown. They also never talk about how they feel or express those feelings. Unfortunately, it all becomes a mental health issue that they keep hiding and being a shame that anyone finds out their disorders.

Men that are suffering in silence are scared to be judged by the society, and things are beginning to get worst! But it all starts with you paying attention, being present and helping with solutions. We do not realize until it gets close to us or it happens to us. This is where Movember foundation wants to be honest with us and put facts, stories, and statistical out there to show us how real it has been. Whoever it can help, even if it is not easy to ask or talk to your most comfortable friend vice versa observe and be available furthermore respectful towards that brother.

Moreover, CANCER ain’t an easy disease to deal with when it comes to anyone But prevent by regular routine done by yourself and by doing the PSA test by talking to your doctor. Better late than sorry, but in that case don’t wait last minute because it won’t be caught at an earlier stage and it might be a remorseful significance. Again Movember helps us to understand the whole generally diagnosed tumor in men and the what to do, the where to go and the knowing.

Movember Foundation is there to raise money to help Fellaz all over the world, unlike the other causes there is no ribbon since the mustache signifies it. At all time you can participate by donating, by shaving and leaving only the mustache, by joining a team or by being part of a challenge.

Its a movement that brings awareness and a great moment between fellaz, family member or friends who have been going through one of those illnesses. They laugh at each other mustache looks, they motivate others to do it and most likely raise money while they being a man.

Sometimes it can be hard to choose a team separate your donation!

Donate ⇓






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