Smoking a cigar is a new trend that is becoming part of the men’s lifestyle. Cigars can be a family tradition, a thing that you do with the fellaz, occasionally at a get-together or a stress relief at a social gathering after work. Smoking cigars used to be a man thing that soldiers or rich men used to smoke when they were in the Europe continent during the war. Because cigars were expensive and only the upper-class Fellaz that were able to handle the high import duties happened to smoke it. Now, that luxurious vice that only men had the privilege to have a puff is also a women thing to appreciate.

Cigars have always been associated with public figures, presidents, gangsters, entertainers but it does not make a difference with whom can smoke it in the twentieth century! Considering that cigars are smoked by whomever, it will be more a preference thing that will come with the experience and the knowledge of cigars. As there are assorted sizes, flavors, tobaccos, wrappers, binders, fillers, shapes that are coming from different companies of Cuba that will make you either appreciate your cigar more or to dislike it.


Furthermore, most passionate cigars lovers will collect them from diverse countries. Even if Cuba is known for being the leading producer of cigars with a multiple of brand manufactured in many different factories on the island, now it is all over the globe.



The most fun part for the cigar smokers is the association they will make with either a glass of scotch, whiskey, spirits, beer, wine or coffee to enjoy it. Besides, the drinks should not dominate the cigar it is to enjoy yourself while puffing on your cigar.




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