Canadian brand



Le Château brand does not stop improving their image. It goes from the quality of their products to their marketing. We’re proud to say that every step of the production is executed in Canada. They’re conscious of their clientele needs and mostly the trend that will bring in the new ones. Well done, since their mission “is to translate the latest runway fashion and global trends into must-have looks that apparently coordinate into a continuous flow of new collections, quickly delivered to an ageless customer by our dynamic sales team.” Château consumers have a lot of curiosity, love and are committed to the brand.


marie-garcons-dhonneur_mariage_frI notice that Le Château had a beautiful way to fulfill their caring towards their customers. They have a woman, a man, bridal and groom boutiques, without forgetting their enormous numbers of accessories for all kinds of events and looks for both, the ladies and gentlemen. That strategy of separating the women and men store is amazing, given that Fellaz has another way to shop also love to be in a different environment than women when they buy. Le Château understands that the men’s section needs to be smaller and effortless otherwise they won’t feel like shopping.men_shoes-111416_en


Ps:. Stay tuned for Spring 2017 Collection!


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