Hot or Not


It’s all about preferences and purposes. Beard may be significant, and for others, it’s just a style. Movember is near, and we are all wondering what fellaz will be doing with their facial hair. The rules to participate in this annual event are to let mustache grow, during the whole month of November, and raise funds.


Initially, you need to know why you want a beard, the length and what form do you think will look handsome on you. Furthermore, facial hair can and, may I say? should have a meaning. It can either give a hint on some traits of your personality, your religion or your lifestyle.


The hygiene side of the beard, afraid a lot of women or men. Let me tell you, so many experts were born ready to guide you during your beard journey and give you the best TLC. Every Fellaz should discover a barber that knows how to trim it, shape it, dye it or which grooming products are well adequate for the growth of the beard. Antonio Delgado made me smile when I saw few of his pictures and videos on Instagram, Tone_cutz. He’s so passionate about his job, I don’t even think he sees it as a job, “barbering is his life.” He makes any men far from South Jersey/Philly envy the ones able to book an appointment for that special treatment he gives. I could sincerely call him the bearded Doctor that every Fellaz wish to have home daily.

Follow him on Instagram or Facebook; Tone_cutz


Is it appealing or a dislike?

Ps: Movember is near, Fellaz take care of yourself and Ladies motivate them to do it.

You can donate any amounts!


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