Fall Alter Ego

Fall Alter Ego, the story of four men expressing whom they are through their styles. Trends are not supposed to be complicated and something that scares you. The purpose of it is to suggest a general direction. You can use that movement to make it your own fad, because the last time I recall, all the designers and runways styles are inspired by nature, architecture and street style. However, it’s important to develop your own way to look fly, without necessarily wearing the clothing the same way it is shown in a magazine or on TV. Unfortunately, no one can escape the current style.

What is your Alter Ego?

                   Alter                                                                             Ego

2016-09-25-soulyne-00140-edit                                  2 2016-09-25-soulyne-00517-edit

Junior;  Gamer/Casual                                                 Jarvis; Business/Clever


32016-09-25-soulyne-00316-edit                                   4 2016-09-25-soulyne-00749-edit

James; Romeo/Innocent                                               William; Funny/Rude


52016-09-25-soulyne-00241-edit                                   6 2016-09-25-soulyne-00728-edit

Mathias; Grumpy/Funky dad                                          Cena; Strong/Punk


72016-09-25-soulyne-00381-edit                                   8 2016-09-25-soulyne-00951-edit

Jean Michel; Lazy/Nerd                                                Mike; Gangster/Sexy


Photo credit: Sergei Bergen

Stylist: Soulyne Michel


1. Shirt -Winners

AEO 360 extreme flex slim chino- American Eagle Outfitters

Medium blue leather Shoes- Aldo

2. Khaki Trench Coat- Zara

Knit turtleneck sweater- Le Château

Stretch-Ponte Slim Leg Pant- Le Château

Shoes- Aldo

3. Bomber jacket- Winners

Sleek tunic shirt -Simons

Stretch cotton blend slim leg pant- Le Château

Backpack with the main double compartment with zipping fastening. Front flap pocket with magnetic fastening.- Zara

Shoes- Le Château

4. Longline sleek bomber jacket- Simons

Plaid shirt- Winners

Jeans -Zara

Converse – Simons

5. AEO print button down shirt- American Eagle Outfitters

Jeans- Winners

Desert Tan Speedlace boot- Simons

6. Leather effect biker jacket. Zip fastening. Adjustable waist.- Zara

Micro pattern T-shirt- Simons

Long burnout T-shirt- Simons

Jeans- Zara

Army boots- Winners

7. Faux suede long sleeve sweatshirt. Geometric print detail

Deluxe Long Length T-shirt. Open round neck. Short sleeves.- Zara

Pants -Zara

Silver sneakers in a laminated fabric.- Zara

8. Twill fit suit- Le Château

Red suede shoes- Aldo


Ps. Contact me for more information or for any question about the clothes, styling, etc.

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