When Hockey meets Fashion


Every man looks good in a suit, whatever shape, type, style and background they have. Honestly, I find it hot a man in formal wear, let’s not forget when he wears a seductive Cologne. You might not be my type but I will flirt and watch you walk away from me.

RW & CO. collaboration with PK Subban the greatest realization ever they could have thought. Not only he amazingly performs in hockey and has a great heart now, Subban design. Following him close made me ascertain that 3 c’s importantly reigned PK, comfort, confidence also cleverness. Fellaz you will be able to experiment in this suiting line different fits for each of your distinct taste.


pkPk favorite piece from the collection, the velvet blazer, look fabulous for your closet. The masterpiece you could wear in any occasions like a wedding, cocktail, new years eve, Christmas party, to go to work or for an interview. From casual cool to the red carpet Fellaz has been putting it in all colors, textures, and accessories it with scarves, plain or patterned shirts or ties and bow ties. This is really not a question of where or how you going to kill it. So many options are presented to you! Purchase the Velvet Blazer and own it in your exclusive creative style.


My admiration goes to Pk collection for not only featuring six suits but including eight shirts, belts, cufflinks, tie bars and hats. Without a doubt, he has a particular attention to gentlemen styles and wants to see them smoking-hot!


Send me a picture of how you wear your velvet blazer! Be creative!

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