Just Streetwear It!

Just Streetwear It!Fell in love with WLKN at my last Fellaz fashion boutique hunting. The store offer clothing for women and men, you already know I will be focusing on the Fellaz. I felt like walking in a closet with different brands. A lot of us get a hard time understanding where that cultural movement comes from. Just comprehend the mix, new wave, heavy metal, hip-hop and DIY aesthetic of punk. The street wear has so much to say on that subject, I will prefer to elaborate on it another day.

WLKN makes a perfect example of artistic people, since the main area of interest is on fashion, it will also be on music, sports and culture. They have more than a hundred brands going from wearing to accessories. 2016 mark the 6th anniversary of WLKN store concept and they are continuing successfully to introduce the Streetwear history to all of us.

Go ahead, you will discover a lot more you can think!

Wlkn 1


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